Private Parties, Bachelor Parties, Adult Entertainment for Your Event

  Upcoming birthday? Corporate retreat? Want to throw your best friend a bachelor party he'll never forget? Come on down to The End Zone for your next big bash blowout! Bachelors, birthdays, and veterans returning from foreign countries get a free Hot Seat with all the girls on staff! It's a present he'll NEVER forget! And bachelorettes, birthday girls, and lady vets are ESPECIALLY welcome!

Will dance on you.

Want to come in for a special occasion? Holiday schedules (including the first day of hunting season) will be posted on the schedule closer to the actual day.Perhaps you're looking for a slightly more intimate get-together? Call (814) 692-8877 to get details on scheduling a private party in our newly remodeled Party Suite! Why deal with the crowded, noisy main floor, and hundreds of other customers competing for the girls' attention, when you can book the second-floor party room, and get the privacy and focus you deserve!Pricing starts at $350 an hour! Two currently scheduled dancers of your choice will perform exclusively for your party for the duration of your visit, with additional dancers costing only $100 per hour.We offer good discounts for advance booking. Especially during the busiest time of the year for weddings and parties, we strongly suggest, and reward,  advance booking.  
 Just give us a call to discuss your party plans, and we will work with you to create the perfect party atmosphere for your happy occasion.